Critter Control of Richmond understands that finding a wildlife invasion in your home can be an unsettling feeling. Our technicians will work with you to quickly remove all wildlife from your home. The animal control services that we offer are humane, effective, and ecofriendly. Trust us to repair damages from bats, remove raccoons, clean up messes from squirrels, and prevent intrusion from opossums.

Animal Control Services


All animal control problems are unique and require species-specific solutions. There are many details that come into play, including habits, habitats, intelligence levels and diet preferences. Our technicians are able to identify the animal at hand, create a solution, and remove the animal safely out of your home. We ensure all families are removed and kept together. Removing animals can be a dangerous task and should only be executed by a trained professional.


Animals in your home can cause damage that may be costly to repair. Animal damages can become extensive if not repaired promptly, and result in lowering the value of your home. A bat invasion can go years without being noticed. Over time, bat droppings will build up and cause a big stinky mess. Our technicians can remove animal droppings, clean the mess left behind, and replace soiled insulation.


We know that one animal invasion is plenty, and that you do not want to see us again! Our technicians will place preventative measures to ensure the wildlife cannot return. Squirrels are persistent animals, known to try and return to their "home" once removed from your ceiling. Our technicians seal all entry holes, install chimney caps and vent screens. Suggestions will be made regarding habitat modifications to your home and yard. Our prevention methods are proven, professional and ecofriendly. 

Carcass Removal

Occasionally animals may enter your home and not make it out. If you have an animal pass in your attic, walls, or crawlspace, the stench will be overwhelming. The decaying animal can attract other unwanted pests, cause a major health hazard, and cause staining. Our technicians can remove the carcass, clean up the mess, and use deodorizers to eliminate the smell.

Our goal as wildlife control technicians is to keep your home critter-proofed and safe from any unwanted visitors. Keep calm knowing we will handle the wildlife invasion, work with you through the process and educate you with every step of the way.

Bats, raccoons, squirrels, opossums and mice are known to enter homes uninvited. Keep your eyes and ears open for signs of intrusion. Some wildlife can cause extensive damage in 1-2 days alone. The sooner our technicians come to help you, the better!

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