Bats in Richmond Attics

Bats seem to be everywhere right now. We are receiving a lot of calls related to bats.

Bats In Attic

Bats in attics are of particular concern. When bats are outside taking care of insects and mosquitos, we're happy. When bats move into our living spaces though, something needs to be done. Bats can leave a smelly mess in attics. Critter Control of Richmond can inspect your attic and help with decontamination and dedorizing once bats are excluded.

Bat Removal

Because bats are a protected species, care must be taken with bat removal. Critter Control of Richmond are experienced with bat removal techniques that will safely exclude bats from your home, while protecting bats and their offspring.

Bat Control

You want to keep bats out of your home. Critter Control of Richmond can help with bat control by working with you to eliminate entry points and other sources that may be inviting bats into your home.

Give us a call today to talk about how to get rid of bats. We can send a tech out to inspect your bat problem and answer all your questions.